SOSCENE offers you the necessary tools for the stretching of ears as the best ear gauges

It is said which in historical India the ears were pierced to the children, so that as they grew they were expanded with a tube of putty, to reach sizes in which allowed the particular insertion of the expander of up to 6 centimeters, and they became a rendering of position, according to the ordered position that it will occupy. It’s also said that the elongated lobes were a sign of wisdom, well-being, prosperity as well as good fortune, adequate reasons for these to become popular.

At present, there are many reasons for body striking in hearing, lips, tongues or nose. They may be associated with particular social teams and subcultures, the Punk as well as Emo musicians and their fans, therefore it could be asserted the body alterations are from the contemporary trend of Punk rock and the options in way of life.
But we really cannot provide a total assurance that these are simply the reasons, that which you can say along with complete guarantee is that it will be increasingly common to see folks of all ages with perforations and body modifications. Perhaps the most widely used are the ear plug gauges, they may be easier to location and increase their dimensions, and if they are not large pockets it is very likely to shrink or cure completely.
In SOSCENE. COM we offer a complete step-by-step guidebook on how to start the ear lobe stretch out, which you need, and we also present you with a desk with indications on how to purchase ear stretches.
Within we all not only support the stretching out of ears, but all of us sell a myriad of nose rings and fingernails, septum rings not really pierce, acrylic plugs, silicon ear plug gauges, stainless steel ear gauges and several other jewelry that can be purchased by dimensions. Enter our own website and judge from our wide range of beautiful stretch out jewelry in most sizes.

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