How You Can Get Real Excitement & Fun of Bandar Qiu

Large meat ball (bandar qiu) is a famous and one of the traditional betting games in Indonesia that can be played online in your home using your computer system or mobile phone. The online access of this game is quite easy and is available on many websites. You can play it by simply registering on any of the sites. This is one-time free registration that allows you to play any number of times for an unlimited period. But you have to follow the Bandar Q rules stipulated in the website which is mandatory for every player of this game. You can upgrade you game skill through continuous play and earn bonuses and jackpots to make big money out of its play. Thus, you can use it as lucrative hobby.

Playing Bandar qiu
Bandar qiu play is easy and exciting. There are dominoes or cards in sets and 28 in number that are randomly distributed among players the limit of which is 8, and each player gets two cards. There is a city card that is determinant of a winner. Each player can be a dealer in this game who gives or receives money depending upon the value of card with other players.

The value of cards with a player is the combination of the card and its alternate comparison with the value of dealer’s card. Winner is the one with larger card value and he is paid on the table bet. One thing is important in this game that bets are placed before distribution of the cards. The highest score in this game is 9 and there is a possibility that both dealer and a player have the same score. In that case, the winning goes to an agent or bookie. This leaves a chance of manipulation if you play on some unreliable site.
Bandar qiu is an exciting and rewarding game and is easy to play, but you need to be very careful, leaving no chance of manipulation on other side.

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