How to play the fantasy cricket games

There is a simple procedure that needs to be followed in order to start a Dream 11 fantasy cricket game.
The first step is to choose a particular match that is scheduled to be held in recent time or any about to be held series.
A team needs to be formed within a limit of 100 credits by using the fantasy cricket player’s own skills and cricket knowledge. This creation of team requires cricket prediction capability and sports skills.

The players should participate in contests. There are several free as well as paid contests running all the time on these Dream 11 fantasy cricket. Therefore one can bag the opportunity to prove his or her skills in the cricket games through these free contests. One who is confident enough can also go for the paid ones directly.
The next step which is also very important like the above ones is to keep a track of the match going on in reality. The fantasy cricket players should follow the scorecard of the fantasy cricket game. This scorecard gets updated after every two minutes.

The final step is to withdraw the earnings. One can withdraw the winning amount directly from his or her games account at the very instance. A One Time Verification is required to complete this action by withdrawing money.
One has the opportunity to create multiple teams with different players at a time and the number is six teams for one particular match. Alterations in the team are allowed for unlimited times but only until the deadline for the tournament or match is reached. The changes include alterations in the captain as well as the vice-captain but everything is allowed only within time. There is a button which reads edit team; one who wants to take chances can make utilization of this button.

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