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Home Explore the Science of Hydroponics Greenhouse


Greenhouse articles – Learn about green house cultivation. Submit your own article on greenhouse cultivation.

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Greenhouse Accessories 248
Greenhouse hydroponics – Conserve water; prevent 21st Century war 658
Greenhouses 223
Greenhouses – Autovent 194
Greenhouses – Solar greenhouse 220
How to start a greenhouse business 1114
Introduction – How to build a greenhouse 429
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  • Plant Genetics  ( 1 items )

    Explore the Science of Plant Genetics or submit articles on the topic.

  • Livestock  ( 6 items )

    Learn about livestock, animal husbandry, and domesticated animals. Submit articles on livestock.

  • Plants  ( 57 items )

    Learn about different types (species) of plants or submit your own original aricle.

  • Plant Propagation  ( 0 items )

    Learn about plant propagation AKA successive production. Submit an article on cloning and propagating plants.

  • Germination  ( 3 items )

    Learn how to germinate seeds using various techniques. Submit an article on seed germination.

  • Houseplants  ( 2 items )

    Houseplant articles. Information on growing and caring for your houseplants. Certain kinds of houseplants may help remove pollution from your home or add them for their beauty and fragrance or as a design piece. Submit your own articles on houseplants.

  • Hydroponics  ( 6 items )

    Hydroponics articles. General information on hydroponics cultivation including the fundamentals of hydroponic gardening. Submit your own article on hydroponics gardening. 

  • Aquaponics  ( 1 items )

    Aquaponics articles – Educational information on aquaponics. Submit your own article on aquaponics.

  • Soil  ( 8 items )

    Soil articles – Information on maintaining and caring for your soil including drainage, mulching, amendments and more. Submit your own article on gardening soil.

  • Gardening  ( 71 items )

    Gardening articles and tutorials including bamboo, vegetable garden, bulb flowers, and more. Submit your own articles on gardening.

  • Plant Grow Chambers  ( 1 items )

    Articles on plant grow chambers. Learn about enclosed growing environments like Phototron, Caddy, and homemade grow cube. Submit your own articles on grow chambers, homemade plan, et.

  • Global warming  ( 1 items )

    Help save the environment. Learn about the causes, effects and how to help reduce/prevent global warming. Submit your own article on global warming.

  • Aeration: Nutrient solution & grow media  ( 1 items )

    Learn how to aerate or oxygenate your nutrient solution and grow medium. Are you an agricultural student, professor or professional in this area? If so, please click here to register for a free member account and contribute your original tutorial on plant cultivation. 

  • Miscellaneous  ( 7 items )

    Miscellaneous articles directly or indrectly relating to gardening, agriculture, farming, hydroponics, et. Submit a miscellaneous article.

  • Aeroponics  ( 1 items )

    Aeroponics articles – Learn how to aeroponics cultivation, a slightly less common cousin of hydroponics. Submit your own articles on aeroponics cultivation. 

  • Agriculture  ( 24 items )

    Agriculture articles – Learn about agriculture like a beginners introduction, crop rotation, soil, equipment, et. Submit your own agriculture article.

  • Aquaculture  ( 12 items )

    Aquaculture articles – Learn about aquaculture: The pro Fish farming, Fish species: salmon, trout, arctic charr, halibut and shellfish.

  • Carbon Dioxide (Co2) supplement  ( 1 items )

    Carbon Dioxide (Co2) articles – Learn how the supplemental Co2 can benefit your plants. Submit your own article on supplemental Carbon Dioxide.

  • Common houseplant pest management  ( 3 items )

    Houseplant Pests Management Articles – Indoors or out, plants are always suseptable to pest attack. Weather they arrived in the soil used or from an infested plant introduced in the garden, pests always seem to find a way into the growing environment. Submit your own article on houseplant pest management and identification.

  • Compact hydroponics kits  ( 10 items )

    Compact Hydroponics Systems Articles – Learn about various compact hydroponics systems commercially available for hobby cultivators, students or Gardeners with limited space. Submit an article on compact hydroponics systems

  • Feedings & Nutritional requirements  ( 8 items )

    Fertilizer articles – Learn about plant fertilizers and plant's nutiritional requirements. Submit your an article on fertilizer or plant nutrition.

  • Grow lights  ( 11 items )

    Grow light articles – In general, indoor cultivators typically use one of three types of lamps to grow plants indoors – High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge (HID). Here you can get the fundamentals on plant lighting. Submit your own article on plant grow lights.

  • Homemade hydroponics & aeroponics system  ( 6 items )

    Hydroponics Articles – Learn how to build your own hydroponics and aeroponics system with these free hydroponics plans. Do you have a homemade hydroponics or aeroponics plan you'd like to share? Register and publish it for others' to utilize.

  • Hydroponics cultivation methods  ( 13 items )

    Learn how to cultivate plants using various hydroponics growing techniques. Plants grown using hydroponics may develop quicker and stronger than plants grown in traditional soil-based applications.

  • Hydroponics cultivation : crops  ( 4 items )

    Hydroponics Crop Cultivation Articles – Different spiecies of plants have different growing requirements. Some like a lot of water while others do not. Here you can find articles on specific plant species growth requirements for hydroponics and how to get the best possible results. This section may have limited information as hydroponics is still a relatively new process and specific research such as this may take a while to become available.

    Please submit your article on growing specific crops using hydroponics for other members to learn from.

  • Pest control  ( 12 items )

    Green/houseplants pest control and identification information. Aphids, Brown soft scale, Whiteflies and other types of common houseplant pests.

  • pH, TDS, EC, huh!?  ( 8 items )

    pH, E.C, T.D.S articles – An introduction to the confusing world of pH, EC and TDS testing and monitoring. Submit your own article on pH, EC or TDS.

  • Soilless grow media  ( 6 items )

    Soilless grow medium articles – Soilless grow media includes clay pebbles, rockwool, peat, coconut fiber and perlite. These types of grow media are generally used in hydroponics and aeroponics applications. Submit your own article on soilless grow medium.

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