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Greenhouse Calculator : Volume & BTU Output for Even-Span

Find the volume or surface area of an even-span greenhouse to determine the BTU required to keep your greenhouse at x°F during the coldest period of the winter season.

Option 1 (Volume Unknown) :
Use Option 1

If you do not know the volume of your greenhouse, take the necessary measurements to get your greenhouse’s volume
Width :
Eave to Top (Height) :

Option 2 (Volume Known) :
Use Option 2

If you already know your even-span greenhouse volume, skip the fields above and enter the value here!
Surface Area/Volume: : (ex: 2100)

Temperature Conditions:

Please provide the ideal temperature for your greenhouse on the coldest day of the year. For example, if the coldest day is 20°F and you would like to maintain your greenhouse at 60 °F, your values would be (replace with your own value for your area)
Minimum Indoor Temperature : °F
Lowest Outdoor Temperature °F

Heat loss Value

Select the type of cover used on your greenhouse to determine the heat loss value. Please note that the heat loss value of similar coverings may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Get heat loss value using convering’s r-value.

Greenhouse Covering (Heatloss Value) :
Or Enter Heat Loss Value Here :

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