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Home Explore the Science of Hydroponics Agriculture Arborsculpture – Introduction

Arborsculpture – Introduction
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Arborsculpture is a branch of arboriculture specifically involved with the shaping of tree trunks, branches and roots into structures with ornamental or functional utility. Basic techniques involve pruning, grafting and bending single or multiple trees into shapes that grow thicker and stronger as they add annual rings. The closest related practices are espalier and pleaching.

The term Arborsculpture was coined by Richard Reames in the 1990s to unify the field, but the practice can be dated back to 1905 when John Krubsack grew a chair in Wisconsin. The book "Arborsculpture – Solutions for a Small Planet" by Richard Reames is the most comprehensive title covering this esoteric practice.

Axel Erlandson Starting work in the late 1920s and continuing until about 1963, a year before his death. Most of his works are currently housed at Bonfante Gardens. Axel Erlandson is considered the most prolific and accomplished tree shaper to ever practice this art.


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