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Explore the Science of Hydroponics Pest control

Tetranychus urticae (an animal with over 60 common names, including red spider mite and two-spotted spider mite) is one of many species of plant feeding mites found in dry environments, generally considered a pest.

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Explore the Science of Hydroponics Pest control

The mites and ticks, order Acarina or Acari, belong to the Arachnida and are among the most diverse and successful of all the invertebrate groups. They have exploited an incredible array of habitats and because of their small size (some are microscopic) most go totally unnoticed. Many live freely in the soil or water, but there is also a large number of species that live as parasites on plants or animals.

Last Updated ( Friday, 24 March 2006 )
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Explore the Science of Hydroponics Plants

There are 5 commonly recognized types of lettuce which are ordered here by head formation and leaf structure:

Last Updated ( Friday, 24 March 2006 )
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Explore the Science of Hydroponics Plants

The wild predecessor of our modern lettuce, Lactuca serriola, can still be seen all over Europe and the more temperate parts of Asia. It is likely that it originated on the Mediterranean rim on rocky wasteland or woodland clearings. This ancient wild relative of the modern lettuce contains lactucarium, a narcotic similar to opium. The Romans took advantage of this property by eating lettuce at the end of a meal to induce sleep.

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Explore the Science of Hydroponics Plants

Lettuce is a temperate annual or biennial plant most often grown as a leaf vegetable. In Western countries, it is typically eaten cold and raw, in salads, hamburgers, tacos, and several other dishes. In some places, including China, lettuce is typically eaten cooked and use of the stem is as important as use of the leaf.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 April 2006 )
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